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Welcome to the premiere of the official Aster Daily blog!

I am Aster and I am a weeb, which some of you may normally call an otaku.

I watch anime like its a religion and I have somewhat of a fetish for plotted anime and stunning graphics.

Anime, however, isn’t the only interest I have. I am also a huge fan of high-end comic books such the ones that we are all well-acquainted with like Marvel Comics and DC comics.

I developed an interest in graphic novels and graphic animations at an early age. a lot of people don’t understand just how difficult comic book and manga illustration is and how much effort goes into the designing of one scene in a typical anime episode. It takes about 2 months to complete a single anime episode!

Comic books are no exception, it can take an illustrator 136 days to complete one chapter of a graphic novel. This requires an extraordinary about of hard work, diligence and patience to complete.

This is derived from the passion that comes from the love of graphics. The sentiment that I share with them.

Anime(thankfully) has become so big in the last ten years, that some streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll and Hulu have reached billion dollar status.

Funny enough, South Africa is relatively behind when it comes to anime and only certain groups of people appreciate the craft, which is no surprise considering that platforms such as YouTube are only now gaining traction in the country.

There is an immense shortage of animators in South Africa, not only because of a lack of resources, but also because of a lack of interest among the citizens, as animation is still broadly assumed to be just for kids’ entertainment.

The Aster Daily blog has arrived and I will make sure that I make a believer out of anyone who doesn’t find any form graphic art interesting.

I would love to hear from you.

As the blog grows, so will our social media presence to sights such as Twitch, Reddit, Twitter and Quora.

Aster Daily is a derivative of Astercomics, which is an upstart South African comic book series founded in November 2019.

Links to comic books and updates will be available very soon. Stay Tuned.

Our very first Aster Daily blog will launch on the 30th of November 2020 from the literal ‘beginning’ The Origin of Comics, which is a section from my book titled From Start to Finish: Interesting Information about The Creative Communication Era.

From start to finish: Interesting facts about the creative communication era. Book by Nhlakanipho Kubheka

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